Clash of clans beginner guide 2017

Clash of Clans guide


Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online game and connects players from all around the world. The main task of the game is to build a clan of your own and fortify your villages to protect them from the attack of opponent clans. You can attack other clans to retrieve their resources. Dark Elixir and elixir can be utilized to prepare and improve the spells and troops. Building your defenses is also extremely important. The game consists of two builders that help to build your fortresses. If these builders are already engaged, you can also free more builders by using up your gems.
You can also play the game in a solo mode by attacking other fortified goblin villages and taking away their resources. The best part, however, is that the players can form allies comprising of up to 50 members, who can then strategize attacks on opponent clans together. Before starting with the strategies of the game, it is important to know a few jargons which are frequently used.




1. Building
Buildings are an important part of the game. You can build and upgrade various types of buildings to fortify your villages including mortars, cannons, teslas, mortars, traps, bombs, eagle artilleries, archer towers, inferno towers and wizard towers. Mining and storage of gold and elixir also require storages.


2. Spells and Troops
Troops are trained in barracks and help to carry out attacks. There are two types of barracks- barracks which create troops using dark barracks and elixir where troops are created using the dark elixir. Similarly, there are two different types of spell factories – spell factory that generates spells with dark spell factory and elixir, where spells are created using dark elixir.


3. Gems
Gems are used as currency in the game. They are used to instantly train troops, complete standing tasks and to upgrade various buildings. Gems are gained by completing challenges or tasks. However, they can also be gained directly by making purchases from the app.


4. Clan wars
A clan is made by groups who come together to form. Clan leaders as well as co-leaders can declare attacks on other clans. After a war is declared, each clan gets one day to prepare and one day for the war. Whichever clan causes greater destruction to the opponent clan and receives more stars will emerge victorious. The winner clan will be allowed to lay claim to the entirety of the loot whereas the defeated clan will be allowed to take only one-third of the loot.

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Base design guide

The core


You can either start by building a three by 3 or a six by six tiles core. The core should be well planned as this is what holds the entire plan together. Always place your clan castle within the core because 20 to 25 level 5 archers can easily cause 400 to 500 damages per second. The whole base should be designed so as to minimize the damages and losses in case of an attack. Resources are better if stored around the core. Try to split up the resources into different compartments. Placing the entire resources in a single bulkhead can be risky unless you have very high walls and defenses. The placement of splash towers is also equally important. When upgraded to higher levels.


These can bring down archers and goblins in one hit. It can also help you fight giants grouped together. Avoid grouping these towers close together as you can suffer a loss of up to four towers in a single hit of lightning. To make sure that you are not wiped away by Dragon revenge, you should also upgrade your air towers. These air towers can be placed in the second layer of the building. The air towers and splash towers are more effective when placed in a triangle. This gives a better guard of your building. You can have the towers facing in different directions to alternate fast damages and slow damages.


The perimeter


The perimeter should hold all of your buildings. These can be pentagon shaped or square shaped to allow maximum coverage. In case there is space still available, you can put all of your collectors inside the perimeter as well. This ensures the safety of all of your resources. Goblins are more attracted to the collectors, and they keep running around the base all the time. Therefore, try keeping your collectors in the outermost layers of the base if possible.

Anti wall breaker techniques


You can put a builders hut inside walled compartments so that the wall breakers have to deal with extra walls before getting to the desired place. You can also build walls with more than one layer. In places that need more fortification, you can put two layers of the wall. You can also put double layers in T-junctions so that they can only break into one compartment.


Attack strategies


Farming strategies
Farming implies gathering loots and resources by attacking opponent troops.
1. Barbarians plus archers comprise of a low-cost army that can be quickly trained to carry out attacks at a low cost.
2. BAM (barbarian, archer, minion)
5. This troop requires some dark elixir. However, you can make use of lightning spells in combination with this troop to farm more elixir and resources from the opponent.
3. Wall breaker, goblins, and giants can be put together to carry out effective attacks on the storage for maximum loot.
4. You can also use the healer /giant strategy to destroy the mortars and towers before they destroy your troops.


– Trophy strategies


Trophy hunting is different from farming. Here, you will be solely focused on collecting trophies. Preparing troops for trophy attacks is usually very costly, and a single loss can hold you back for quite some time. However, if you succeed, the returns will be rewarding. You can prepare troops with 2-3 star attack army for maximum damage. You can also use dragons for deadly air attacks. There has also been a recent addition to the attack strategy, known as the witch unit. This method uses an unending supply of skeletons to take down the opponent’s defense.


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